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Tribe Breweries

As part of Local Beer Day, Tribe Breweries will be offering tastings of their beers across their three brands - Stockade Brew Co, Mornington Peninsula Brewery and Wilde! Cartons will also be available for purchase on the day!

Growing Abilities Logo Where People and Plants Thrive Click to go to website
Lettuces for sale
Tribe Breweries Logo Red
Tribe Breweries Beer Varieties

Growing Abilities
"Where People and Plants Thrive"

Some of our products available include:

• Australian native plants, including tube stock.

• Ground covers

• Shrubs

• Trees

• Seedlings of herbs, veggies and flowers

• Hedging plants

• Indoor plants

• Bagged products- potting mix, fertilizer, mulch.

Picture of The Trufflemen Stall
The Trufflemen Products



TRUFFLEMEN Farm was established in 2002, and is located at Marulan on the Southern Highlands of NSW on the east coast of Australia producing Premium Black Perigord Truffles and truffle products from the rich limestone soil of the region.

Our truffles are harvested at their prime, under the direction of our chief hunters, the truffle dogs, Lily and Gracie. Each truffle is hand harvested, gently cleaned, graded and prepared for presentation. 

TruffleMen Truffles
Adelon Fresh Logo

Adelon Fresh
Microgreens (Broccoli, kale, red cabbage, daikon radish, purple radish, mixed radish, sunflower and coriander when available), seeds, and sprouting kits.

Glenbrae Market Stall

Glenbrae Produce

Farm fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables

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Glenbrae fresh vegeatbles, fruits, jams, preserves, eggs
Jude a licious cakes, slices, breads, biscuits, lamingtons


Judy is from Goulburn, and makes many delicious cakes, slices, biscuits, breads and lamingtons!


Fiokhea Flowers
Fiokhea Flowers are a micro flower farm near Tarago. We grow seasonal, chemical-free flowers for floristry, events and local flower-lovers. We don't use any chemicals on our flowers, so you can be assured your fresh flowers are not only gorgeous, but also safe for you and sustainable for the environment. You'll also find fresh duck eggs available on our stall. Our quackers provide a fertiliser layer in our garden beds. We love our ducks for their flower power, but also for their eggs with the bigger yolks that make for sensational baking. We grow garlic too!

Fiokhea Flowers and sunset
Fiokhea Flowers
HoldFast Distillery Logo of an old sailing ship and yachting rope

Hold Fast Distillery
We are a veteran owned and operated business, which is highly focused on supporting the community of Braidwood and any other good cause. With over 70 years of combined maritime service it was a natural reason why we have kept a nautical theme to our name and label. We have a passion for crafting exceptional quality Whisky, Gin, Vodka and Liqueurs. We remain true to our craft with everything man handled in the production to hand-written labels. Our process is unique in approach as it’s a combination of a variety of processes from around the world. Firstly we focus on sourcing the best produce from Australia and where we can’t, we get the best stuff internationally. Our distilling process are Scottish while our approach to blending is Japanese.

Fresh farm grown eggs
Bramah Lodge farm beetroot chutney, fresh and locally made

Bramah Lodge Alpacas
From Parkesbourne NSW, Bramah Lodge Alpacas will have Alpaca fibre for spinners & weavers, plus eggs, parsley, strawberry plants, yummy value added goods such as jams and chutneys, plants and more...

Shalom Health Logo image of gumnuts and leaves over a beautiful blue ocean

Shalom Health
Tanya has a broad range of organic naturopath blended herbal teas.

"I love herbal medicine & this includes herbal teas. 

I enjoy blending teas for my clients & have expanded this to include a range of therapeutic blends for common complaints.  ​

All my teas are:

  • Naturopath blended (based on my training in herbal medicine) 

  • Made from high quality (ACO) certified organic herbs*

  • Therapeutic

  • Taste good 
    *Occasionally a herb is unavailable as certified organic, in which case I substitute with wildcrafted – that is grown & harvested in the wild from their natural habitat (so while not certified organic, by nature they are grown naturally without chemicals."

Shalom Health Teas showing a large variety of home made teas

The Salami Man
We at the salami man make cured Italian salami, proscuitto, we woodsmoke pork ribs and make beef jerkys.

The Salami Man
Arianwen Bees lotion bars made from local bees wax

Arianwen Honey
Selling a variety of honeys and honey products - all sourced and made locally.

Arianwen Bee on a beautiful flower
Fresh coffee

BBs Coffee Van

Serving fresh delicious coffee!

Yolk Folk Gundaroo Pastured Eggs

yolk folk pastured eggs
Yolk Folk is located at Gundaroo NSW, between Canberra and lake George. We have 100 acres of land which is partially bush and partially open grazing. We have a focus on native plants and grasses and we are trying to regenerate the land back to its original state using swales to direct and slow down water runoff and build the soil biology up using compost and chicken manure.

Boorowa Bees offer Fresh Raw Honey products from around Boorowa and the Capital Region

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Boorowa Bees Honey Products

Australian native flowers, proteas and leucadendrons

Backyard grown blackberries, cucumbers and sage. On the IVP shared stall.

Kuch's Plants photo showing Robert Kuch and Caitlin O'Donoughue with a selection of their plants and seedlings

Kuch's Plants
We sell fruit trees and herbs in little 40mm pots. Seedlings, flowers. Perfect garden starters. We may occasionally have larger fruit trees, but this depends on the season. Thank you

Kuch's Plants market stall with a large selection of plants for sale
Stone Dog Meadery Pty Ltd

Stone Dog Meadery Pty Ltd
Mead (wine from honey not grapes) and Braggot (Mead and Beer combined) crafted from 100% Australian honey from NSW & Southern QLD, produced entirely off grid in Lower Boro NSW in batches of 200 litres at a time since 2014 by Steve and Lavender Kirby - see us and try some.

Tanigar Wildflowers Arrangement

Tanigar Wildflowers
Locally grown cut flowers, plants and potted colour.

Flower arrangement
Yellow flower arrangement

Greenhill Farm Demeter certified organic / biodynamic beef and fresh seasonal vegetables.
We sell fresh frozen beef and seasonal vegetables. Would expect to have strawberries, mustard greens, bok choi, radishes zucchini and cucumbers this saturday. All certified organic/Demeter biodynamic with BDRI. Will also have strawberry jam made with our strawberries.

organic beef farm
regenerative farming vegetables and fruits
Community Sustainability Hub Fresh Vegetables and Fruit

Seasonal Vegetables and Fruit for sale! The CSH is about building a sustainable community of which fresh vegetables and fruit is key. We are promoting the benefits of growing that produce and members of the CSH will donate the produce with profits going to various registered charities.

The Goulburn Show

Community Stall
The Goulburn Show

Sat 2nd and Sun 3rd March 2024
Dog Show on Friday 1st March

Laurel Brae Olives

Extra virgin olive oil, table olives and Balsamic Vinegar

Laurel Brae Olives Olive Oil

Kurrajong Farm
We have free range eggs and grow fresh vegetables with no pesticides. Freshly picked from what is growing in season only.  At the moment we have beetroot, spring onions, leaf lettuce, carrots, silverbeet, zucchini, cucumbers and yellow button squash. Follow on Instagram 

Kurrajong Farm Fruit Vegetables and chickens

Green Farm Produce
We grow our own vegetables, herbs and fruits.  Our products are all natural and homemade.  Sweet Potato jam, Pear jam and Dulce de leche.  Dry herb infused oils and salts.

Game On Enterprises

Game On Enterprises 

"Driven by a commitment to excellence, our company meticulously crafts its range of BBQ rubs and sauces using premium ingredients sourced from local suppliers. Each product is carefully developed to deliver a perfect balance of flavours, ensuring a mouthwatering and unforgettable culinary experience."

Goulburn Black Garlic, Locally Fermented

Vanlex Creations
Making fresh homemade Tomato
chutneys and herb salts.

Local Cheese and Smoked Trout
Golden Delicious Apples
image1 (1)_edited.jpg

Mouthwater Foods

Handmade Gourmet Food, 

from the Southern Highlands

of New South Wales

Multi Award Winning Artisan Products:

  • Mouthwater Sourdough

  • Zumami Relishes

Mouthwater Authentic Sourdough
Ray Sheil The Goulburn Community Gardener
Goulburn Fermented Black Garlic
Goulburn Black Garlic Locally Fermented

Chefs Gopher
Coolamon cheeses, Coolamon NSW.
Smoked Rainbow Trout (carried loose , direct from the smoker on farm, not cryovaced.) Seasonal tree ripened fruit direct from the orchard: (Golden Delicious apples for February markets!) 
Pome fruits Feb to June, Stone fruits Nov to March.

Goulburn Farmers Market February Workshop

Repairing, Sharpening and Caring for your Garden Tools

Local Garden Consultant and Presenter Ray brings valuable knowledge passed down through 4 generations of farming. He has extensive experience in organic agriculture, farm management, catchment land management, horticulture, and permaculture design.

His passion is regeneration and sustainability in the environment by improving the quality of our soils and therefore the quality of the food we eat, which in turn reduces our carbon footprint.

He will show you how to maintain and care for your garden tools.

Saturday 24th February 2024

Time: 9am and 10am

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