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A little background on why we want to establish a local farmers market here in Goulburn

Goulburn Farmers Market started with a conversation among Goulburn residents about the desirability of obtaining fresh local farm produce. The region has a long history of farming. Many small farms still have heritage orchards which produce wonderful fruit though not in large enough numbers to take advantage of modern supply chains. Small growers often have surplus with no outlet other than friends and neighbours.  


The COVID pandemic further exposed the fragility of existing food chains and delivery systems. The increase in extreme climate events will further exacerbate this situation.   


And so the idea of a Goulburn Farmers Market was born in the hope of providing locally grown, fresh, affordable food to local consumers, with the added benefits of:

  • low food miles, 

  • less packaging

  • less chemicals and preservatives

  • sustainable practices.  


International Volunteers for Peace (IVP) were approached and agreed to take on the task of initiating the farmers market as we already have the required infrastructure in place and experience in recruiting volunteers.  It is intended that management will pass to an independent local committee comprising stallholders and shoppers and employing a manager. 

This is not the first farmers market to be started in Goulburn but with enough community support, this one will thrive and continue for years to come.  




A local Farmers Market will be run in accordance with the Australian Farmers Market Association’s “Model Rules''. The model rules and definitions of the Association are “drawn from sustainable and successful models operating internationally".



Essentially, the rules promote:

  • Sale of fresh food;

  • Food grown locally, or food made from locally-grown ingredients, (to satisfy our customers appetite for fresh vegies we will be taking produce from some growers from outside the 100km area.  This is a temporary measure until we can encourage local growers to fill the gap);

  • Direct selling (farmer-to-buyer);

  • Food and farm products ONLY for sale (no goods that might compete with farmers - such as crafts, wares or second-hand items).


In practical terms, we will promote sustainability through:

  • Good management - setting up a management committee comprising stall-holders and shoppers, and employing a manager who will oversee continuous improvement strategies (among other jobs);

  • Learning from other Farmers Markets on how to ensure regular, reliable markets, which are not dependent on good weather; 

  • Reduction in plastic packaging;

  • Seasonal produce;

  • Best practice rubbish, recycling and composting;

  • Dealing with food waste. Likely strategies include a pre-order/pick up service,  donating leftover harvest to charity food banks;

  • Reducing food miles / promoting local;

  • Including an entertainment and education/workshop aspect (e.g. teaching hands-on knowledge of chemical-free weed and pest control, effective home composting + worm farming, seasonal food growing etc.);

  • Employment prospects.

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