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Rules and Management Strategy

Definition of a Farmers’ Market

The Farmers’ Market is defined as a predominantly fresh food market that operates regularly within a community at a focal public location that provides a suitable environment for farmers and specialty food producers to sell farm-origin and associated value-added specialty foods for human consumption and plant products directly to customers.


Goulburn Farmers Market will be run in accordance with the Australian Farmers Market Association’s “Model Rules''  Essentially, the rules promote:

  • Sale of fresh food, potted plants and herbs, cut flowers

  • Food grown locally, or food made from locally-grown ingredients

  • Direct selling (farmer-to-buyer)

  • No selling of crafts, wares or second-hand items.


Stall allocation shall be decided according to the following hierarchy: 
i) primary produce grown
 within 100km of Goulburn
ii) value-added/specialty produce made by farmers from their own product within 100km of Goulburn
iii) value-added/specialty produce made by farmers from their own product, and other produce grown within 100km of Goulburn
iv) value-added/specialty produce made within the region from product grown within 100km of Goulburn
v) value-added/specialty produce made within 100km of Goulburn from product grown within Australia
vi) value-added/specialty produce made within 100km of
 Goulburn from product grown outside Australia where a high degree of processing is carried out within the region
vii) re-packaging of product with minimal additional processing is not acceptable

viii) produce from outside 100 km of Goulburn will only be accepted if not available within the area and is seen as a desirable addition to the market. 

Catchment area:

  • Priority will be given to produce from within 100km of Goulburn

  • Produce from outside that limit will only be accepted if not available or offered within the region


Regulatory compliance, Insurance and Permits:

  • All stallholders will comply with all relevant local, state, national or market specified quality, food safety, weights & measures, and labeling regulations applicable to their product

  • Stall holders will need their own Public Liability Insurance

  • Backyard growers or small producers can sell their products on a shared stall covered by IVP’s insurance

  • Sellers of alcohol will need to hold a liquor licence


Sustainability will be promoted through:

  • Good management, learning from other Farmers Markets 

  • Less packaging, limited plastic packaging

  • Seasonal local produce

  • Best practice rubbish, recycling and composting

  • Dealing with food waste, with strategies including a pre-order/pick up service, donating leftover harvest to charity food banks

  • Reduced food miles

  • Workshops on relevant topics such as: chemical-free weed and pest control, effective home composting and worm farming, seasonal food growing, bee keeping, and other topics



While Goulburn Farmers Market is an initiative of International Volunteers for Peace (IVP) a community based, not-for-profit Association, it is intended that ownership pass to a local committee comprising stallholders and shoppers and employing a manager who will oversee continuous improvement strategies.  

If you are interested in joining the management committee please contact:

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